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The standby generatator sets in the new Home Backup Power range are of a very professional quality, compact and sound insulated, making them ideal for domestic backup use when noise levels are a priority.

Standby generator sets are easy to setup, easy to use, practical and can be installed permanently outdoors.

Home Backup sets from             £2,736 + VAT


Home Standby

Residential Power


Commercial Standby Generators are practical, automatic and simple. SDMO's RES LPG generators are quiet standby generators with low emisions, ensuring that alarm systems stay active during the night.

Computers and lights continue running during business hours, enabling your business to run without interruption.

Commercial Backup from           £4,350 + VAT


Commercial Backup

Commercial Backup


When choosing a backup generator, the fuel that you are going to be using is an important decision to make. Petrol standby generators are the cheapest to purchase but are the most expensive to run. Diesel standby generators are more expensive than petrol backup generators, but the fuel will last for longer. LPG standby generators are the most expensive to purchase but will be the most fuel economical out of all the three.


Backup generators

LPG, Diesel or Petrol?


Do you need Standby Generator Help? This section of our site is there to help you with many of the common questions asked during research.

How much power do I Need? What does AVR stand for and what does AVR do?

From dBA ratings to single phase or 3 phase, or any of the questions above, we are here to give you the backup power help you need.


Helping you choose

What power do I need?


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